From early childhood I knew that I wanted to become a fashion designer. While I did not experience any life changing experiences, and although I could not name my future profession, It was always an obvious decision.
I, Annett Wagner, born in 1981 in the tranquil Spreewald town of Lübben, never lost this professional aim, despite my unglamerous home town, and decided to study in Berlin. With my qualification in the bag I began working for one of the last garment manufacturers in the city, with whom I gained four years of invaluable experience,

The final step on the road towards becoming a fashion designer was made in October 2011 when I founded my company TISKET Mode & Grafik and began working on the MEISTERKLUFT label.

The MEISTERKLUFT concept includes three collections: Classic, Style and Mini, all of which share a common thread and are oriented on classic female styles. The innovation of MEISTERKLUFT ist the adaption of timeless designs using the materials, colours and elements of the traditional carpenter’s outfit.
The Classic Collection is closest to the model of the carpenter’s clothing as it makes heavy use of diagonally ribbed cord. Essential design elements include white mother of pearl buttons and wide metal zips. MEISTERKLUFT Mini is created for children along similar lines.
The Style Collection is made mostly out of cotton in a salt/pepper look. Elements such as leather piping and adornments draw on the source of inspiration.

The collections have been conceived as outfits, however most items can be combined to create an original outfit. MEISTERKLUFT is not intended as work clothing and can be worn by anyone and anybody.
However, In a nod to the years the journey men spent on the road the garments have been adorned with airport initials.

„Made in Germany“ is displayed on the labels for good reason. Not only do I live and work in Berlin but the designs are also manufactured by The Fashitects, a small Berlin production company. Each and every customer receives a made to order, handcrafted garment that has been meticulously sewn.

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